Leading Membership is for businesses that are participating in our Grow Organic Collection Program.

Grow Organic Collection Program

Most agricultural marketing boards receive stable funding through a production-based fee called a check-off. In 2015 the Organic Council of Ontario started a voluntary check-off program as a way for businesses in Ontario to be leaders in growing the organic sector.

The Grow Organic Collection Program provides funds to OCO to execute policy advocacy, marketing initiatives, and research efforts which promote the growth of the organic sector. Last year several Ontario businesses participated, contributing important funds to OCO's activities and taking advantage of the additional benefits provided through the program.


  • Organic Directory listing
  • Board representative
  • 4 months of featured Directory listing
  • 3 months of Directory classifieds per year
  • 2 months of a Directory banner ad
  • 2 E-News classifieds per year
  • 2 social media spotlights per year
  • Event discounts for up to 4 people per year
  • Organic inputs and consultant discount
  • Advertising options


Leading Membership Fees are paid through a voluntary check-off negotiated with OCO.

Participants collect a voluntary check-off from their suppliers and customers, and commit to matching supplier contributions. The matching funds you pay as a collector go towards your Member fee.

Your suppliers and customers can also credit their Grow Ontario Organic contributions towards a Supporting Membership fee.

We are currently accepting new applicants into the Grow Organic Collection Program.